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Exploring Sing Up

Musical Ramblings

Charlotte Edmonds
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  • exploringsingup@livejournal.com
This journal was initially to chronicle the 'Take the Lead!' workshop leader course, plus further associated Sing Up escapades and suchlike. I hadn't realise quite how much food for thought these would give me, and I've a feeling it could become the way into music I've needed. So, I thought it best to keep all of these ramblings in one place, separate from musical_lottie (my alter ego). It now seems the 'and suchlike' will encompass my other musical escapades too, as I'm discovering various other musical blogs that are rapidly rekindling my love for playing and general love for music too. However if I can find a way into music as a livelihood it will probably be through singing, or a mixture of singing and playing, so I hope not to stray too far from the original intentions of the journal.

I will just warn: I have a propensity to ramble here ... a lot. This is because the original 'Take the Lead!' experience was massively important for me in many ways so I'm keen to record as much of it and its consequences as I can.

Thanks for stopping by!